Make This Noise is an award-winning music branding agency and consultancy.  Our research and experience helps you find the perfect sound for your brand.  We also have a team of engineers and composers who can realise these musical briefs.

Through our extensive contacts with the record industry we also create links between brands and real artists from the recording industry, helping to build a stronger brand identity for any advertising campaign.

We have over 30 years of collective experience in the music for advertising industry. We have an extensive portfolio in audio branding, music composition, sound design, voiceovers and music remakes.

Our Team

Well known for producing and developing artists from the record industry.  Particularly skilled in sourcing and recording live musicians to the highest level.

All round muso – live acoustic multi instrumentalist, studio producer with a background in both orchestral and world music. Composing for advertising, TV, theatre and dance shows, for over 10 years.

Ifat is the perfect bridge between our creative and artistic culture and the business world.

With years of experience as a lawyer and as an investment banking executive combined with a true passion for music and art, she is exactly what we need at MTN.

Make This Noise – Real Music For Authentic Brands