NoMint – Ugo Gattoni Anamorphic Animation for Ruinart

August 10, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

Sometimes you don’t need to invent a new technique to do an cool piece of work – as proved by Ugo Gattoni from NoMint on his latest anamorphic installation for Ruinart – the oldest Champagne house in the world.

As you can see from the video – the distorted projection can only appear normally through the projection’s reflection on a Ruinart bottle.  I spoke to joint MD and creative director of NoMint – Yannis Konstantinidis and he told me a bit more about the project: “As part of the pre-production Ugo spent sometime at the Ruinart vineyard (tough job!) and developed the visual journey based on real life locations – including the buildings and the cellars which you can see in the video.  I’d love to say that there was definitely a giant hand holding a bottle in the cellar, but you’ll have to go there yourself to find out…

NoMint Ruinart for dotmogo 01

The high definition animation was part hand drawn and part After Effects and created in the usual way.  We then used a special plug-in to create the anamorphic output which only works with a highly reflective version of the Ruinart bottle.”

Even without the optical effect it’s a beautiful piece of animation – very atmospheric and not at all salesy.  Unfortunately we can see this animation in the flesh  in the UK as it’s destined for a food and beverage showcase in Tokyo – no doubt they’ll be some cool social media photos and videos around it.

NoMint Ruinart for dotmogo 02

Ugo is also famous for his ongoing collaboration with Hermès, including his award winning, globally sold out scarf called Hippopolis.  You can see more of Ugo’s work on the NoMint website.

Credits: director & designer – Ugo Gattoni,  production & post production – NoMint, Agency – Digitas LBI in Paris

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