We are hearing lots of stories about how freelancers are finding work and companies are finding freelancers from this list – GREAT!
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What you may not know is that we provide this service for free as part of the Make This Noise network. If you need audio consultancy, music,  sound design or audio post then please contact Tim Rabjohns on 020 7636 1396.

UK Based Freelance Motion Graphics, 3D, Animation & VFX

We are upgrading the info here and will be putting a list of skills next to each freelancer.  If you are on this list already then please get in contact and we will add some more details about you.Key: MG: motion graphics generalist, CDir – Creative Director, Dir – Director, 2D, 2.5D, 3D: 2D, 2.5D, 3D animation, ArtDir – Art Director, AE: After Effects, C4D: Cinema 4D,  S.Max – Studio Max, ACS: Adobe Creative Suite, , FCP: Final Cut Pro, , CrD: Creative Design, Type – type design, PS: Photoshop, Col Correct – colour correction, Illus – Illustrator, ChD – Character Design, Ed – editing, SB – storyboarding, PV – Previz, CPos – Compositing, Txt – texturing, Light – Lighting, ColCor – colour correcting