Dalziel & Pow – See Through LED Screens For Primark

April 28, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    What about giant see-through LED screens?  Retail design specialists Dalziel & Pow sent in a making of video for their jaw dropping work in the Primark flagship store in Madrid.  It’s the first time that this tech has been used in a retail environment – and it makes for an amazing theatrical experience.

    Neil Grunshaw, head of motion graphics at D&P explained a bit more about this project:  “Primark wanted something amazing to fill the four floor octagonal atrium.  We were tasked with designing the concept for the whole store – as well as finding something show stopping for this amazing four storey atrium in the centre.  After some research and creative thinking we developed a unique solution using 11 large interconnected transparent screens – along with a wealth of bespoke content and audio that plays to this transparency – arranged to create a 360-degree spectacle.

    Dalziel & Pow Primark for dotmogoAs this was a global first for the use of transparent LED for retail, everything about it was bespoke – including the technical solution for synchronising the screens, by TechnoMedia from Orlando who have a theme park SFX background…  For the sound it was mixed to an eight channel specification.  They even flew in the Grateful Dead sound engineer to work on it!  They managed to make it work so that the audio is much louder when the shop is empty and then quietens down when full.”

    I’m certainly not one to applaud the random use of more screens in our lives – remember all the advertising in Blade Runner and The Fifth Element?  Most of the content features Primark branding, sales messaging or campaign content, but a good chunk of it exists just for the delight of the customer – for example rose petals falling from the ceiling or raining indoors.  The fact that it’s all see through as well, means you can have lots of fun with it and still let the light in.  On an experiential note – the marketing power of this installation is huge – if you look up Primark Madrid on Twitter or Instagram – people are still posting selfies of themselves in the store months after it has opened…

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