Analog – Not Get Music VR From Bjork

April 27, 2017
by OJ Shabi

Analog Studio has just released a tasty piece of VR in collaboration with multi stylistic and multi-medium-tastic Bjork

In this new VR experience for her song “Not Get” we not only see her perform the song but also put ourselves in this amazing mysterious fluid landscape while she does it. Digital innovators Analog  helped on the technical and production side  and direction was handled by amazing fashion and art creatives Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

As you would expect from Bjork everything is a bit kooky from the start – in this VR environment she is a digital moth giantess transformed by stunning masks created by artist James Merry. It really feels like we have stared push the boundaries of what’s possible in music video with this intersection of music, art and technology.  The lady herself says “by offering a private theatrical experience, VR provides a unique way to connect with my audiences.”

‘Bjork Digital’ is her travelling VR exhibition which was in London and is now travelling to Tokyo and LA.  Not Get is one of the songs on the Vulnicura album and there is a VR experience for every song.  You can download them and watch them through cardboard VR Goggles. 

It would be very interesting to see what VR technology will approach in the near future in order to experience activities in a new exciting new dimension and tease the human imagination.


VR Creative – Analog, Production & Coding – Analog, Lead VR & Coding – Arvid Niklasson, Lead 3D & Concept – Matt Chandler,
TD Artist – Martin Gunnarsson, Modeling – Maurizio De Angelis, Directors – Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, Creative direction – Bjork, Masks – James Merry, Motion Capture – Imaginarium, Client – Bjork, CollectionsCGI – Direction Realtime

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