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January 5, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    Well another year has sped past – and although I’m not overly fond of “review of the year” type lists – this time round I thought it would be interesting to delve into the dotmogo website stats and see which posts were viewed the most times – a truly democratic look at the best of dotmogo 2015…

    I’ve listed them in order here – first up was the exceptionally classy Miles Concept Film by Territory – mixing animation, live action and break-through Kinect cameras – very cool.

    Next up was not a project but “How To Get Hired – 6 Essential Tips for The Motion Graphics Freelancer” which showed us that dotmogo has become a good resource of info as well as showing the latest in motion/animation from the UK.  I’m really glad we’ve been able to help some more people go freelance.

    Third up was Future Deluxe with their Nvidia Titan X & Cymatics Experiments  Andrew Jones and his team have shown continued experimentation throughout the year and always produced visually stunning pieces – so, well deserved.

    Fourth place goes to Intro and their BBC Formula 1 2015 Titles.  some fiendishly clever manipulation of old F1 footage into an all new action sequence.

    Fifth place – Very creative approach to this Nelonen Finnish TV Rebrand by Proud Creative. enlisting the help of world class Finnish director to get some amazing performances from the actors involved.

    Sixth place – everybody’s favourite new motion design awards – the BassAwards International Motion Design Winners 2015 where we had a good look at all the winners from an international selection.

    Seventh place goes to Art&Graft and their truly eye-scorching Boomerang TV Idents & Rebrand.  Some really inventive design on what must have been a tough budget.

    In Eighth Place RedBee prove that they can still do “edgy” with their youth orientated RTE2 Rebrand – some nice gutsy work from them.

    Ninth place – who knew that ITV could be home to such creative program trailers…? Steve Scott amazed us all with his  Britain’s Got Talent Animated promo.

    Tenth place goes to this latecomer – the last post of the year – the extremely amusing Sanders/Wingo – Advertising Agency Christmas Card Film – proving that advertising agencies can laugh at themselves (occasionally…)

    So there you go – these were your most preferred posts of 2015 – some stunning work, I think you’ll agree.  We’ll be on the look out for the interesting and the unusual in 2016 – including projects about virtual reality and the use of Kinect cameras (we hope…!)  Let me know if there’s any areas you want to know more about…

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