Territory – DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall Video

May 11, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

Only just the other day I was thinking that I hadn’t heard anything new from DJ Shadow for a while – and then low and behold Territory send in a cool new video that they’ve created for him called The Mountain Will Fall supporting his first album in 5 years.

It features an astronaut floating across a mysterious planet and hurtling through a distant universe synched to the song’s slow pumping beat.  There’s no real “story” as such, but I found myself utterly mesmerised by the huge sound and the outer space visuals.

Marti Romances, the director of this spot, told us:  “As huge fans, it’s been a pleasure to collaborate with DJ Shadow on the graphics. We’re really excited by the project and look forward to an amazing come back. The peaceful and long momentum of the song inspired us to create something very un-animated and mysterious. The part we like the most is where we see the astronaut being shot into hyperspace and then we see that being part of that cosmic constellation at the end.”

Territory Studio DJ Shadow for dotmogo

DJ Shadow will host three Beats 1 shows this year, the first of which will air in June. The show will be called DJ Shadow Presents: #radioface. His BBC Essential Mix will debut on July 2. Personally I’m most excited by that fact that he has collaborated with two of my favourite artists on this new album – German keyboard wunderkind Nils Frahm and spiritual jazzer Matthew Halsall.

“The Mountain Will Fall” is available for instant download with pre-order of the album here on Mass Appeal Records

Territory Studio, Director: Marti Romances, Artists: Christoffer Bjerre, Daniel Højlund, Producers: Sam Hart, Genevieve McMahon

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