Found Studio – Digital Transformations Film For Fujitsu

June 8, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

Projection mapping has been around for  quite a while now – we’ve all seen the outdoor shows where a building appears to fall apart and then re-assemble.  Found Studio have brought it to a new level with their ‘Digital Transformations’ film for Fujitsu.  In this film what you see looks like many layers of post produced CGI – whereas, in fact everything was shot in-camera, with no post at all – using a cool new technique called Holo-gauze developed by Stuart Warren Hill of Hextatic fame.  It must have taken a lot of planning, but the end result is fantastic, I think.

When advertising agency mcgarrybowen approached Found to work on their new spot for Fujitsu using projections, they saw a great opportunity to do something new with this technique.

It’s the fourth in a series of films from Fujitsu based around their brand message of ‘Human Centric Innovations’ and it’s called ‘Digital Transformations’. They thought it seemed like a good way of telling the story by seamlessly transitioning through a succession of environments all created using visual FX.
Here is the making of film:

Although I can see very obvious uses for Holo-gauze in live music shows, it wasn’t so obvious to use it in a film-set environment when it would have been so easy to have done the 3D element in post.  I also think there’s scope to develop more directional sound for things like this where you can use hyper directional speakers to point specific sounds, so you can only hear things when you stand in a certain position.

Ian Walker from Found told me “Our challenge was to try and create a film which incorporated a multitude of characters and locations as well as visual effects and animation all within the confines of a 32ft sq white cube.  To add to the complexity we decided to use a ‘Holo-gauze’ for all the info-graphics.  This is a virtually transparent projection gauze that, under the correct lighting conditions, can create the effect of 3D holograms.  It was the perfect solution for us to include foreground animated graphics in the film, live and in-camera.

Digital Transformations film Fujitsu for dotmogoThe projection side of things was pretty tricky too as rather than just creating one “sweet spot” viewing angle, which is normally the case with projection mapping, we wanted to create a new and unique viewing angle for each individual shot. We worked closely with the guys at Projection Artworks to develop a system that gave us the ability to make a film, with all the usual film making conventions, but in a very unconventional way.”

Credits:Agency: mcgarrybowen, Producer: Kate Banks, Creative Directors: Jane Briers / Dave Cornmell, Production Co: Found, Director: Mike Sharpe, Producers: Ian Walker / Sean Stuart, DOP: Marcus Domleo, 1st AD: James Dyer, Projection Technology: Projection Artworks, Holo-gauze: Stuart Warren-Hill, Production Designer: Oliver Hogan, Stylist: Emma-Jayne Savill, Animation: Found, Art Director / Lead Animator: Tom Geraedts, Animators: Tom Langton, Richard Hallsworth, Jim Campbell, Abel Reverter, Marcus Chaloner, Daniel Burke, Andy Evans, Matte Painting: Tim Holleyman, Storyboard Artist: Yohann Auroux, Editor: Tom Starr, Colourist: George K @ MPC, Sound Design: Owen Griffiths @ Jungle, Music: Native.

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