Steve Scott – Britain’s Got Talent Animated Trailer

May 12, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    I’m sure there’s many a time in your career as a director you have submitted scripts that are entirely surreal, over the top and never likely to get made.  What happens when the client comes back and actually wants to commission you and make your treatment (almost) as is….?

    This unlikely scenario is what happened to Steve Scott when a brief came into Friend for a trailer for Britain’s Got Talent for ITV Creative.  I caught up with him recently and he told me “The brief was something quite simple like four characters on a journey, similar to The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine.  I’d already done a piece influenced by that film many years back, so I just wrote something fantastical, with a sense of surprise and fun and submitted it”

    I didn’t think that much more about it, to be honest, and when ITV came back and said they liked it pretty much “as is” I was amazed.  The main change I had to make was that Simon Cowell wanted a cat playing a guitar…

    Britain's Got Talent Trailer Steve Scott ITVI was so lucky with Red Knuckles , the animators – they had really good background and character designers, so I was never stumped for things like break dancing grannies, or a Scotsman on a pig!

    I really like projects that integrate 2D and 3D animaton together.  Here Red Knuckles really helped me merge the 2D stuff that was done in Flash with the more 3D elements.”

    I think the real test of a good animation project is whether you can look at each frame as a still and find something to keep you visually interested.  Certainly no problem here – have a go at scrolling through it in slo-mo and you’ll be amazed! Steve is currently doing a lot of Illustrations and, also in common with David Walliams, has a children’s book coming out in June with all sorts of fun reveals built into it.


    FULL CREDITS: Agency:ITV Creative, Director: Steve Scott, Production: Friend, Animation Production:
    Red Knuckles, Producer: Sarah Butterworth, 2D animation: Geoff McDowell, Nick Brooks, Luca Vitale, Thomas Knowler, Robert Milne, Sim Marriot, 3D Animation: Lucas Vigroux, 3d modelling/rigging: Leonardo Viti, Laurence Dodd, Juri Fripp. 3D Rendering: Dennis Mueller, Juri Fripp, Compositing: Marco Baratto, Concept artist: Santiago Montiel, Joao Lavieri

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