Red Bee RTE2 Rebrand

January 16, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

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    RTE2 Boys & Girls ident
    Before we go too far into 2015 I wanted to post about a rebrand that Red Bee did for Ireland’s RTÉ2 – Ireland’s youth-focused public service channel.  This is a really raw looking execution and gave them a chance to do something much more edgy…
    I spoke to Charlie Mawer, executive creative director at Red Bee to find out a bit more about this exciting project  “The Challenge, is how to make this channel stand out and also to reposition it to be a bit cooler and younger.  We created a new brand proposition which is – “tells it like it is” – to establish the channel as the home of frank, funny and fascinating content.
    [vimeo w=573&h=322]
    RTE2 – Love Ident
    Practically speaking to “tell it like it is”, we needed to really inhabit the world of the 15-35 year old  audience, talking their language. We created a ‘real world dashboard’ and, for our indents, sent a small team to capture the lives of real Irish youth, in their element, going about their daily lives. We then mixed and mashed video, photos, comments and gifs to populate our dashboard. We commissioned new music to act as a sound track to their world.

    RTÉ2 already owned the colour green so we wanted to keep it, but to use it in a more interesting way by creating a new palette of greens that we use in a flexible grid pattern to adapt to different moods.
    [vimeo w=573&h=322]
    RTE2 Urban Ident
    It’s crucial that RTÉ 2’s identity evolves to keep fresh and feel relevant. To help make this happen, we created a library of images, footage and gifs for the channel team to create new ident combinations and layouts. Practically, our solution was ready to use immediately, but still has plenty of scope to grow.

    Seems like they had lots of fun getting up close and personal with the target market – hanging out with them in nightclubs, on the streets and what looks like a farm!  Definitely not your usual looking TV branding, and very refreshing it looks too.

    Here is Red Bee’s sizzle reel for the project:

    There’s also a great article on this project on the Promax website

    Credits: Creative Director RTÉ: Donna Byrne, Executive Creative Director Red Bee: Charlie Mawer, Creative Director Red Bee: Jane Fielder, Design Director: Katy Clemmans, Designer: Craig Black, Producer: Sally Rawlings, Audio: Hum.

    RTE2 Red Bee Media TV ident dotmogo

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