Proud Creative – Nelonen Finnish TV Rebrand

January 23, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

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    There have been several re-brands of channels that have involved “audience participation” – featuring the type of audience which watches the channel ( I can think of DixonBaxis MTV Finland rebrand, and ITV4 for starters).  However I think this is the most intimate portrait of audience emotions I have ever seen – it could have easily been an art project were it not for the number fours unfolding on the screen…

    It’s unusual to actually see human vunerability on screen is this type of work – which gives this an added strength that you don’t get when there is just a flashy graphic solution.  One of  Proud Creative’s, partners Roger Whittlesea, gave me a bit more detail about this project: “Nelonen is a mainstream commercial Finnish broadcaster, seeking broad appeal.  We competed for and won a 4-way creative pitch for a complete ground up rebrand that was nine months in the making.

    Often the best work comes when there is trust and respect on both sides, and from start to finish we’ve had the very best of relationships with the client. With that trust comes an enjoyable pressure to create one’s best work. We’re really proud of the project and are pleased the client feels the same way.”

    As part of a complete rebrand of the Finnish channel 4, Nelonen, Proud Creative created a set of films.  The concept behind the idents is ‘We are Nelonen’.
    What that means is that the five and ten second spots are about all of Finland –  reflected in the Finns expressing their emotions.  By association, they are also about what Nelonen the channel can be, at it’s best –  a mirror reflecting back what it can mean to be Finnish.

    Nelonen TV Branding by Proud Creative on dotmogoInitially they planned to use “real” people  for phase one of the idents and the faces of the channel for phase two, but in the end they opted to use the personalities straight away.  You would never know though, as the director Dome treated them exactly the same way as the “real” people.    The logo design and animation was developed from initial tests we constructed out of paper.  We built on the tactile and real movements the folds gave us, whilst taking the visual style into a slicker look and feel, and avoiding any ‘craft’ cliches which made it about more than just folding paper.

    We were clear that there should be no acting in these spots, and when choosing to work with brilliant Finnish director, Dome Kurakoski, a (Variety Magazine one to watch!) we knew we had someone onboard who shared our vision.  One of his tricks was to play (the unofficial national anthem) “Finlandia” to the people in front of the camera which often triggered them to cry with emotion.  He was meticulous in his research and then sensitive in how he dealt with this. Through the use of sound, pictures, moving image and conversation he drew the most amazing range of reaction and emotion from our chosen cast.”

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more from this campaign and to see if it triggers a move towards more live action, no nonsense branding….

    Credits:  creative direction, production and design: Proud Creative, director: Dome Kurakoski, sound design:Freefarm

    Nelonen logo Proud creative dotmogo

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