Universal TV Rebrand Making Of

The Challenge for the global Universal Television channel was to stand out in a crowded marketplace and define more clearly why they are different from other channels.  After analysis they decided most of their shows were about strong characters.

Consequently they briefed RedBee media to come up with a new logo and positioning featuring their new tagline: ‘100% Characters.’   Part of that message was to highlight how the most interesting people in life do not always follow the crowd.

Solution – when RedBee approached Make This Noise to come up with a completely new sonic logo for the channel as well as corresponding music assets for their on screen presentation package and branding we started our research.

We conducted historical research on previous audio logos and conducted a thorough audit of their current brand values.  We created a sonic mood board to investigate which individual sounds corresponded to which brand values.  We created over 30 different prototypes in the end, recording many bespoke sounds in the process (see the making of video) each time honing down the sounds until we got the right combination that was both memorable and flexible.

Among the deliverables, There were six idents, more than 20 items of On Screen Presentation (OSP) as well as a 60″ sizzle reel.

Following the success of our work with ‘RedBee media’ in creating a series of television indents for Universal Channel in 2013.  We were asked to create more sonic branding for the channel’s continued 100% characters promo campaign.

The idents went on to be awarded gold for ‘best station idents’ at Kinsale as well as a silver award for ‘promo campaign’.

The new branding is being played out in over 100 countries around the world.

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