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Through the Byte Agency, Spotify needed two music tracks to go with their witty online films promoting Spotify’s Premium service for students.

Working closely with director Josh Lipworth we suggested references and then brought in talented London artist Byfyn to create an up to the minute and mesmerising track for for the first film here called Making Out. In fact we were so happy with it that we went on to create a full length version for future release.

In the second film – Rewind we constructed an energetic guitar song full of urgency to mirror the rushing of the student getting to an exam. (you can toggle between the two using the arrows at the bottom right of the screen)

In Making Out – we see a couple who are studying together who are about to get to first base when someone walks in and interrupts them and in Rewind we see someone rushing to get to an exam when their data runs out on the way into college. Both film are shot from the point of view of the protagonist – to very intimate effect!

Both films are available in different formats online.

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Make This Noise | Spotify – Commercials
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