LOU Paris Lingerie Commercial

Client : LOU Paris

Agency : LAPAC

Director : Gabriel Gettman

We teamed up with the young, award winning filmmaker Gabriel Gettman to create an organic yet modern piece of music for LOU Paris Lingerie’s new promotion. Previously we have worked with Gabriel on a number of cutting edge fashion brands. He has always challenged us to produce original music to suit the young and the chic.  We are waiting for the release of this film in the next week or so – which is why the video is restricted for now.

The challenge was to produce a piece of music which was fresh, stylistic and modern, but would also leave space for the voice over. In order to deliver this brand’s key message, we took a French-inspired minimalist approach that was repetitive and organic in nature.

To bring out the emotion depicted in the visual images, we combined a vintage analogue synthesizer with acoustic sounds from traditional instruments such as the accordion, piano and violin.

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Make This Noise | LOU Paris Lingerie Commercial
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