King For A Term With Idris Elba

Ofer Shabi and Yaniv Fridel composed music for this 30 minute comic drama scripted and directed by Idris Elba and produced by Gina Carter at Sprout Films for Sky TV.

The Story tells of a period in Idris’ life when he was 10 years old with bad asthma and had to be sent to a special school.  He makes friends there and they hatch a plan to take down their oafish and mean teacher Mr Grimme.

Set in the 1980s when Eddie Grant was big news the composed music reflects some of the reggae tinged airwaves of that time.  As well as the comedy scenes they were also asked were also asked to compose sad and dramatic themes.  All the music was recorded  live at Soho Sonic studios with some amazing session players.

Sky TV/Sprout Production

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