Coke Moments with Dodie Clark & Jack Howard

We recently collaborated with Ogilvy London and Endemol to produce a new version of the song ‘A Permanent Hug From You‘  for Coke TV.  It was written by Youtube sensation Dodie Clark, who regularly has a million followers.

This song was originally recorded by Dodie with just her and her Ukulele.

In the new version produced by OJ and Fridel in our Oxford Circus studio, Dodie sings with her friend and fellow Youtuber Jack Howard. The Ukulele still plays the main melody, and with the help of a few session musicians we added a jazzy piano line, a double bass and trombone, giving a much richer sound.

Our producers planned the day from the beginning and also worked out the arrangement for the new recording. They brought in the amazing session musicians that you can see in the video.

We had great fun and will certainly be looking forward to doing more recordings like this.

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Make This Noise | Coke Moments with Dodie Clark & Jack Howard
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