Panoply – A Guide To Happy & Genesis Animations

October 20, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    Panoply is a fairly new addition to the London motion scene – creatively lead by  – Mark Lindner and Renaud Futterer who previously freelanced for many years at places like ManvsMachine and Weareseventeen.  Recently they sent in a couple of very different self initiated projects which they made to show off their skills…

    First up is A Guide To Happy – which started off life as an idea for a mobile app – Mark told me “We wanted to put a showcase piece on our site which had a bit of meat on it so we took some original inspiration from a book by Simon Sinek which pointed out the differences between dopamine & oxytocin.

    In order to make it easy to watch we wanted to make it entertaining as well – so we gave it a more tabletop feel  – as if a teenager could have filmed it in their bedroom.  We even got some people asking us if some of it was live action – which was very gratifying!Panoply London for dotmogo

    We didn’t want to come across as too preachy about the whole subject, so we made sure there were lots of fun elements in there too.  We also used a grid system, which you wouldn’t necessarily notice – the whole thing took about five months to complete…”

    We mainly used Cinema4D and rendered in Arnold third 3rd party shaders”

    So there you have it – imagine how much oxytocin they burned through making this film….I’m sure it will attract some really interesting work from potential clients….

    Next up is their Genesis film.

    Mark told me “Through a combination of powerful imagery and atmospheric pace Genesis dares us to fleetingly glimpse our own origins, our civilisation and the known universe. Drawing heavily on a visual currency distilled from the subconscious and the psychology of self, it takes you on a  journey through organic forms and unyielding geometry.

    We wanted this to have a darker feel to show contrast with A Guide To Happy – and took inspiration from the writings of Carl Jung and MC Escher showing the trials and errors of being human – also about recurring symbols through our society.”

    It’s a really layered film with lots to pick up on repeat viewings -I really like the organic textures and the classical references and the Escheresque body at the end.  I hope they manage to get a brief that lets them do more of this sort of thing as it’s very beautiful…

    Here is the making of Genesis film:

    A Guide To Happy Credits: Concept, Design & Direction – Panoply, Creative Directors – Renaud Futterer & Mark Lindner, Script & Concept Development – Will Jarvis, Audio – Echolab, Voice – Jon Hillcock

    Genesis credits: Concept, Design & Direction – Panoply, Audio – Echoic Audio

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