NOMINT – Ribinery Ribena Commercial

August 25, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    As a long term fan of shows like Monty Python – it’s always nice to have a dose of surrealism on your screen.  In this case blackcurrants as bubbles and balloons, dancing robins and an owl with a human mouth – it is, of course, the new Ribena ad by NOMINT for JWT.

    I spoke to Yannis Konstantinidis  – one of the directors and MD’s of Nomint about this latest talking rabbit extravaganza and he told me: “we were really lucky to get a brief that was free enough to let us play, but no so vague that we didn’t know where to start.  Ribena are trying to attract a slightly older teenager and young adult crowd and they wanted to do it in a bold way – with Monty Python as a reference.

    The other part of the brief was to have a lot of quintessentially British visual references – like the canal, the robins and hedgehogs and the rolling countryside.  It was a very layered piece and it was tricky getting the balance of what to put in and keep out.

    We used a combination of techniques – live action e.g. some back grounds and the foliage, the girl on the bike and the rabbit.  Then 2D and 3D as well.  We made a lot of the small things in 3D, but were careful to keep a more “natural” feel to the whole thing as that suited the product best.”

    Ribena NOMINT for dotmogo

    The TV ad is JWT’s first work for Ribena since being appointed the brand’s strategic partner in February 2015. The spot, which will run on TV and video-on-demand, is part of the brand’s £6 million marketing campaign and will be backed by social media and outdoor executions.  NOMINT were asked to supply five small video loops for the social media campaign which havn’y been released yet.  So far there has been a very passionate reaction online – with equal doses of like and dislike – but there’s nothing worse than being ignored!

    Likee or no likee?

Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson London
, Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
, Creative Director: John Cherry
, Creatives: Miles Bingham & Claudia Southgate
, TV Producer: Doug Wade, 
Assistant TV Producer: Eleanor-Rose Stamp
    Production Company: NOMINT
, Director: Christos & Yannis, 
Executive Producer: Marilena Vatseri, 
Live Action Producer: Rupert Greeves
, Director of Photography: Toby Howell, 
Animation: Cako Facioli, Chris Cray, Tony Comley, Michael Towers
, Compositing: Johnny Still, Matt Landour
, Assistant Compositing – Animation: Jean-Baptiste Aziere, Peter Knight, Richard Smithson
, Art Director – Designer: Giles Dill
, 3D Lead: Andreas Helmis, 
3D Liquids: Gregory Glezakos
, Live Action Production Manager: Elizabeth Dorsett
, Live Action 1st Assistant Director: Andrew Potter
, Live Action Costume Designer: Justine Luxton
, Live Action Art Director: Jonnie Elf, Music track: “Zooby Doo” by Tigermonkey, 
Sound: 750mph


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      You stole Joel Veitch’s animations, from his Crusha ad!!!

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        Hi Pauline – do you mean the directors at NoMint…?

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