Nicola Gastaldi – Peroni Animation

October 10, 2014
by Tim Rabjohns

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    Who likes free beer?  Of course you do – well it seems that Peroni are hell bent on culturing us Brits with their food, beer and culture in the form of tastings, street markets, art and music in their House Of Peroni from 3rd – 31st October

    Nicola Gastaldi animation PeroniThis is, of course an excellent excuse to talk about a very classy short film made for them by Nicola Gastaldi – an Italian motion Designer who’s been living in London for years.  This video has already been showcased in the Design Museum and it celebrates a new smaller bottle shape called the Piccola.  Cleverly, I think the bottle shape is never shown, but is featured in each shot in a flurry of Futuristic shapes created by the negative spaces.

    I had a chat with Gasta (as he is known) to get some background info – Well, “An Italian Afternoon” is a 2D and 3D animation that tells a simple love story. I always loved cheating the human eye, playing with visual illusions and changes of perspective.

    With all the projection mappings that I’ve done, I bent reality just with lights and shadows.
For this project I’ve used empty spaces and filled illusory contours with the direct application of Kanizsa’s Triangle.  I was also inspired by the work of Edward Hopper, Roy Lichtenstein and the Italian Futurist movement.

    Nicola Gastaldi Peroni animationWhat I find interesting here is that “piccola”, in italian, doesn’t mean just “small”. It also means “my sweetheart”: “la mia piccola” is what an italian mother would say to his young daughter.
    But it can also have an erotic subtle meaning. “Piccola” reminds me of La Dolce Vita, a whole tradition of chivalrous gentlemen, flirting with women with endless respect and seduction, saying “Ciao piccola!”

    Well, I think this is a very neat meeting of art and commerce – especially when the client has the integrity to let the artist do something classy, rather than impose a whole cheesy aesthetic on them.  Anything with Kanizsa’s Triangle and Italian futurism in it gets my vote…

    Credits: Design and animation: Nicola Gastaldi, Music: Roberto Calvi, Simone Siano

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