Munk – Turin Brakes “Save you” Music Video

July 6, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

We were sent in a very pleasing little music video for a Turin Brakes tune by Munk Studio recently.  With heavy use of a sort of Van Gough paint technique and a lot of disintegrating particles  it’s a perfect canvas for this poignant song called “Save You”

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I spoke to Pryce Duncalf who is MD and chief animator at Munk to find out how he did it.  “After listening to the song a lot I had the vision that it was about a sort of limbo between life & death and visually should be quite dreamy. From there I started to look at the idea of capturing point cloud data with Kinect technology along side live images of the band on Canon 5 and 6D.  I also used some After Effects plug ins to create the painterly effect and the point cloud data to make it look like the people were coming apart in particles.

Turin Brakes save you Munk on dotmogo

Obviously any song is open to interpretation, but I used the second world war imagery to imply that there were lots of people throughout history caught in a sort of limbo, hoping to move on – then when it all freezes there is a sense of a resolution, of everyone going towards the light…  The explosion is a metaphor for the emotional journey that surrounds death and its effects on everyone it touches, both alive and dead and how its vortex, no matter how intense and powerful it may seem, is inevitably met with acceptance.” Poignant stuff – but I think Olly Knights has an amazing voice and can get away with these weighty subjects…

It’s a great technique and made the video look great on a really tight budget.  He also told me that he’s been working on writing the software and creating the look for some VR workshops in schools – where pupils get to wear VR headsets en masse and have a lesson conducted in a virtual space.  I think this is a very exciting development – and something we will be posting more of as the details are revealed…

Credits – Art direction, animation and technical production: Pryce Duncalf, scriptwriting, directing, 3D animation, compositing – Giles Bartlett, 3D animation & compositing – Steve Turner,  Client – Cooking Vinyl

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