Grey London – McVities iKitten App

March 1, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    Well, here’s an interesting intersection of animation, biscuits and augmented reality (not something you get to write together in a sentence everyday…)  McVities and Grey London have done what most brands never achieve and released a branded app that actually looks fun.

    Considering the internet’s obsession with cats it’s a no brainer to feature an app with kittens.  What you get is a dual action mobile app that allows you to interact and dress up your kitten in normal mode.  Then, in augmented reality mode, which is cleverly (from a marketing point of view) activated through pointing the device’s camera at a packet of McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives or a special iKitten marker from the McVitie’s UK website.

    iKitten from Grey London for dotmogoAccording to Grey’s twitter feed they have had more than 50,000 downloads for this app already, where most branded apps don’t make it to 1000.  It will be interesting to see if consumers use all those social sharing tools that are included to get some extra McVities traction

    While this is a fairly light hearted animation/character/technology mash up, I’d be interested to see if other brands take up the idea and develop cooler uses for the interactions – the fashion world would go crazy if you could dress up famous people in the latest designs, or put them in unusual situations.

    Alternatively we could just stay silly and have an app where we could put Kanye West’s head in a slice of bread and play the ukulele.  Technology – friend or foe?  You decide…

    You can download the iKitten from the itunes store.

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