Marco Bagni – Warping A Blue Dot Animation

May 17, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    This week we’ve gone kinda cosmic…Warping A Blue Dot is an experimental animation that explores the interaction between us, the planet we live in, and the basic structure of life and the Universe.  So, not much then.

    This visually intense animated journey finds so many ways to represent planet Earth – the effect of the visuals and the voice over is quite trippy! The narration of the video comes from three of the most brilliant minds of our modern civilization: Carl Sagan, Alan Watts and Stephen Hawking.  By re-contextualizing their statements, Marco Bagni created a narrative which unites the disciplines of science and metaphysics, highlighting their shared ground.  What happens is that you start to look at our home – the Pale Blue Dot as part of a quantum-fluctuating-enlightened Universe…

    Warping a Blue Dot for dotmogoDirector and animator Marco told us: “I was thinking about a lot of theoretical ideas and wanted to be able to mix concepts like string theory and map projections making it all very multidimensional.  The visual references come from theoretical and applied sciences, and metaphysical art.”

    Far out.

    Credits: Concept/Design/Animation: Marco Bagni, Sound: Andrew Isaias, Voice samples: Carl Sagan, Alan Watts, Stephen Hawking

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