ManVsMachine – ITV2 Rebrand

August 18, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    ITV2 has always fancied itself as the unruly badly behaved younger sibling of ITV1 – and this latest rebrand from ManVsMachine highlights this attitude with some visual puns thrown in for free!

    Under the tile of “Life Amplified” MvM worked with ITV to create 12 different set ups – with puns like hammer time, traffic jam and hot dogs (you’ll see when you view the video…).  However, each set up is not a single ident in itself – there is a technological twist – they have developed an automated modular play-out system that assembles idents on the fly – see the examples below

    This results in over 300,000 ident iterations, or to put it another way, you would have to stay tuned-in for 36 years to enjoy every possible combination.

    Curtis Baigent from MvM told me: “In keeping with ITV2’s outlandish brand of entertainment we latched on to the theme of amplifying everyday life as the visual hook that would run through all brand material. As well as being bold, colourful and excessive, each brand scene conceals a link to everyday pop culture, from ‘traffic-jam’ to ‘hammer-time’ and beyond.

    We strongly believe that if something is fun to make, that sense of fun always comes out in the end product. This has never been more apparent than in this instance; to find at a solution with depth and innovation, whilst staying true to ITV2’s unashamed entertainment values.”

    As is the norm these days you can’t always tell which bits are CG and which are live action – apparently its a 50/50 mix of Cinema 4D and live. Each scene is 20 seconds long, and they had to create a large amount of animation.

    Here is one of the randomised 10” idents:

    The live action was shot on an Arri Alexa and Amira cameras at Three Mills studios, London.  Apparently they were surprised by the outcome and how digital some of the scenes started to look.  The blurred lines between hi res live action and hyper real CG in full effect here.  I shudder to think what kind of sets ups you would generate if you transferred this ‘badass’ idea to some of the less sophisticated men’s channels….

    So, is anyone out there an ITV2 viewer?  Is this better or worse than the previous cheeky idents with the office chair racing and the bubble wrap sumo wrestling…?
    mvsm_itv2-refresh_02 Hotdog for dotmogo

    Client:ITV Creative, Concept / Design / Direction:ManvsMachine, VFX / Animation /Compositing:ManvsMachine & Neon, DoP:Pau Castejon Ubeda, Art Department:Simon Davis, Audio:David Kamp, Editor:Nick Armstrong @ Envy Post, Colourist:Aubrey Woodiwiss @ Electric Theatre Collective

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