Learn To Animate In Javascript Competition

December 9, 2014
by Tim Rabjohns

    Ok, we’re going to try something a little bit different in this post.  We all know that  dotmogo readers are shit hot on Cinema4D, After Effects, Maya, Nuke, 3DS Max, Flame and other VFX softwares, but have you ever had any experience with more interactive animations in languages like Javascript…?  As our on-screen world is getting less ‘passive’ and more ‘active’, a lot of web based companies and platforms are calling for people with these skills.
    We were approached by a company called 02Geek who have just created a  learning portal for web developers which teaches how to animate in languages like HTML5, JavaScript and Flash with no programming experience required.

    They reached out to dotmogo as they want to find traditional creatives and animators who want to go digital/interative, which they claim they can do in 30 days (or less).  All that would be needed is a few hours a week.
    02Geek animation course on dotmogo
    You get the chance to try this huge Animation Bundle, which is being funded by a KickStarter campaign you can see here.   The team at 02GEEK were kind enough to offer our community three free passes to the first course in this bundle, “Learning JavaScript Through Animation.”

    How do you get your free pass?
    For those of you up for a challenge, just  comment below and tell us why do you want to “know digital’ by 25th December.   I’ll select my favourite answers and send the top three free access to the course. Not feeling chatty but want in?   Go to their special offer page and receive access to the courses for a really low price.

    I’m interested to see if this is something the dotmogo readers are into, so don’t be shy and write a reply…


    1. |

      I want to learn more about digital animation because I think it’s a necessary thing to know if you plan on working in web design, I also love animation of all types, 3D, traditional, etc. Sounds like an awesome course.

    2. |

      I would absolutely love this course. I am a traditional After Effects / C4D animator and would really love to expand out to some more interactive Javascript programming. I know a bit of html and some after effects expressions in Javascript, but I find the javascript coursework dull and hard to grasp.

      I hope I have the opportunity to learn something new.


      Jim D

    3. |

      As it turns out, I’m staring down the barrel of a possible job promotion that likely would require I know interactive animation, and more HTML5 than Flash. I’m a quick, hands-on learner and HTML5 has been on my wish list for quite some time.

    4. rose sudulich

      I’m a traditionally trained graphic designer and illustrator and I’ve been really itching to learn more digital skills and motion graphics. These courses tend to be expensive and I haven’t been able to afford them. Just starting with a beginner animation course at School of Visual Arts that I registered for staring Jan. I’m working to expand these skills and would really love the opportunity to learn more within the industry standard digital world!

    5. Leonardo Pachón

      Hello dotmogo team. I want “know digital” because I am beginning to get inside the digital world. I have learnt some about html5 and css3, but I like to boost my future apps with all the possibilities of javascript and 02geek’s course looks very good, professional and funny.

    6. Daniel

      The doors open by combining animation and interactivity means a new way of telling stories. Something like videogames+web. When do we start?

    7. Alberto

      Hallo Dotmogo,
      i want to learn interactivity because the future is coming and i don’t want to live in the past.

    8. Chris Mepham

      I have been staring at my illustrations for months now. And despite all my best efforts; offers of presents, flowers and even romantic dinners for two they have yet to show any sign of becoming animated.
      Then I read your article and suddenly it all made sense. I had been going about it all wrong. A chance to learn these skills would finally allow me to reach my illustrations and give them the life invigorating animation that they need to be free!
      Please help, if not for me for the illustrations who have never known their true potential.

    9. Federico

      Hi there,

      I’m really interested in this opportunity and I wold love to dig my toes in the web interaction and animation world. Also, javascript animation would perfectly bridge my work and my hobby, giving me loads of new professional opportunity. I’ll explain how in a moment, but first let me introduce myself:

      I’m Federico, a 26 years old motion designer from Venice, Italy.
      I’ve been working with our dear After Effects for 4 years now and I’m really enjoying my daily routine made of tight deadlines, draft renders and thousands of keyframes.

      Everyone of us has dealt with After Effects expressions at least once and that’s when I’ve foud out that I wanted to learn more about coding.
      Right now I’m taking some online courses to learn html, css and javascript in my spare time. I’m very satisfied with my progress, the only thing that’s missing is time.

      I believe that learning to animate in js will be a great way to connect my job with my hobby and with some determination I think I can experiment soon my coding skills in my client’s future projects, thus, giving me the time that I’m missing right now.

      And hey, I want to meet all the requirements needed to be the motion designer of the future!


    10. Tim Rabjohns

      Thanks so much for all your comments/entries – this competition is now closed – we will announce the winners in the next few days…

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