Kazoo – Anno 2205 E3 Trailer Graphics

September 29, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    How would a traveller have felt in 2430 BC walking up to the construction site of the great pyramid of Khufu for the first time? Or what did sailors think when their ships sailed past Constantinople’s newly finished great dome of the Hagia Sophia in 1260?

    This is the sense of awe and wonder that Kazoo were going for when Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studios asked them to work on the E3 trailer for their upcoming city-builder game called Anno 2205.  Its set in a future where there are regular shuttle flights to the moon and humanity has mastered building in vacuum to a high degree.

    Ubisofts Anno 2205 for dotmogoI spoke to creative director at Kazoo Rotem Nahlieli : “This was a complete CG build from scratch – a great challenge!  We decided to light up the dark side of the moon for them and change humanity’s view of space forever.

    To get it right we teamed up with brilliant director Nicolas Jandrin and the good people at Brussels-based VFX house, Nozon, for the CGI. We spent months working intensely with the Blue Byte and Ubisoft teams to create a trailer that hopes to reflect the spirit of their beautiful game – an epic scale journey to build something much bigger than oneself!

    It’s been created on an epic scale and I love the way we are drawn in from the close up shots of the lunar lorries to the massive reveal of the colony itself and then on to the journey to Earth whilst seeing a shuttle whizz past.  I’m definitely going to be watching out for this and hoping it will be as much fun as Battlezone 2 – (not that I ever spent too much time playing that game or anything….)

    Credits: Production company – Kazoo Creative London, Director – Nicolas Jandrin, , VFX Supervisor – Mike de Coninck  – Nozon Brussels, Music – Dru Masters, Sound Design – Jimmy Boyle, Mark Taylor.

    Ubisofts Anno 2205 2 for dotmogo

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