Heineken & James Murphy – Subway Symphony

September 8, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    As time goes on we have decided to expand the remit of dotmogo to cover more audio innovation along with the visual innovators that we feature hear.  As both audio and visual are bound to each other – we feel that this makes sense.

    This is a fascinating project initiated by James Murphy formerly the front man of LCD Soundsystem, who has been working for years, to no avail, on what he calls the Subway Symphony.
    His idea is that instead of having a simple beep sound when you tap into the subway system (in New York), you could have some simple sort of music.  When you see the video above and go to his website – you will get the idea.

    So far the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority hasn’t shown an interest in the idea.  However now Murphy has got Heineken involved.  They have a “Cites Of The World” campaign and this is the kind of thing that shows how to improve everyday living and inject a little magic to your commute…

    There’s an ideal opportunity to do it when the MTA update their turnstiles to digital ones in 2019 – but nothing will happen if the two parties can’t talk.  In the meantime Heineken and Murphy have proposed to set it up in one station as a test.

    On the one hand it’s such a beautifully simple idea and on the other an utterly huge one.  If they get their way and it works, they’ve just made 6 million people’s day better twice a day using the power of music –  and that’s a massive positive for everybody.

    Heineken Subway Symphony for dotmogo

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