Future Deluxe – Freiberger & X&XYZ – “Bananas” film

June 28, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

Who dosn’t like a banana? (we’ll my brother can’t stand them, but apart from him…)  There is something culturally and comedically resonant about this humble tropical fruit.  Elias Freiberger, X&XYZ and Future Deluxe have clubbed together to explore the banana in depth…

They have even given this self initiated project it’s own website www.bananas.life where they have put up the video and a whole selection of shareable GIFs. You can literally go bananas with this  (sorry, couldn’t resist at least one…)

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I spoke to Xander Marritt (AKA X&XYZ), who was a co-creator for this project to get some more info.  I wanted to know why the banana and not another fruit? “Bananas don’t grow everywhere, but you can get them anywhere. They are a true icon of the fruit family.  ‘Bananas’ is about the conscious and subconscious – the real and the surreal.  A reflection of life, a personification of the immediacy in the way we conduct ourselves.  Also a lot of fun!

Bananas for dotmogo

There is a sort of thematic narrative in the film – not so much a story, but a comment on society and how we conduct ourselves – using a lot of metaphors!”

I’m sure we’ll see those Gifs popping up around the net soon – I really like the idea that all projects should have Gifs as part of their deliverables.  It’s a really nice to see studios producing project pet projects like these – I hope Chiquita or Fyffes get in touch soon…

I  just saw this on the side of a cab in London – it’s trending already!Bananas in London for dotmogo

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