Future Deluxe – Nvidia Titan X & Cymatics Experiments

April 14, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    [vimeo http://vimeo.com/121898093 w=573&h=322]
    It’s no secret that Future Deluxe have been collaborating with high end graphics card maestros Nvidia for a while now.  As a cherry on the cake they have had the chance to produce a product launch film for what is (for the moment, anyway) the “Fastest graphics card on the planet”   the Titan X – coming in two versions – the cheapest of which will cost you a cool £1000…

    I spoke to Creative director Andrew Jones about this project “the first thing to note”, he told me, “is that it was produced in 6K resolution (which was used for a live screening).  Obviously this increased our render times enormously – and was something we had to factor in when making our delivery schedule!.  Nvidia liked the idea of the ultimate power when describing their latest & fastest GPU.  So we started by looking at Superhero films & posters as inspiration.”

    Having heard that, you can see a sort of X-Men feel to the sleek visuals – the tracking shots along the body of the unit were also reminiscent of those establishing shots you see in sci-fi films tracking along the body of a spacecraft.

    I’m told Future Deluxe will be getting a few of the Titan X soon and will put them in the older Mac Pros so they can create some desktop super computers (they don’t fit in the newer “dustbin” shape Mac’s apparently – too big!)  We’ll do a follow up article when they have them to have a look at their performance…
    Future deluxe cymatics_06 for dotmogo
    The other project I’m really excited about at Future Deluxe at the moment is the experiments they have been doing with Cymatics.  For those that don’t know – its a natural phenomenon – looking at the shapes created in liquids or particles by their vibration at different frequencies.  At it’s simplest this involves putting a piece of glass on a speaker, pouring a liquid or iron filings on top and then hooking up the speaker to an oscillator so it can vibrate at one frequency at a time.

    All of the images you see here are shot in camera, no CG, working with various liquids and long shutterspeeds.  I think the results are mesmerising.  Apparently they have a big audio brand interested in this project, so it may see the light of day as a commercial release very soon. I stronly recommend that you check out the Future Deluxe cymatics page on their site.   Has anyone else out there dabbled with cymatics…?

    Nvidia Titan X credits: Design, Directed & Produced – Futuredeluxe, Creative Direction – Markos Kay, Sound Design – Echolab

    Future Deluxe cymatics_01 for dotmogo

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