Future Deluxe – Adidas Ace Primeknit and X Primeknit Films

November 17, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the last person to go and buy a pair of football boots – but hell these new Adidas shoes look sexy enough to stick on the wall.  It dosn’t hurt either that you get to see them self-assemble and rotate around in mysterious lighting, courtesy of Future Deluxe

    Apparently the Ace Primeknit is a real leap forward in shoe technology – giving what they call a “sneaker-like” comfort to wear, a vacuum coated skin for weather protection  – like a synthetic coating.  Also each shoes is woven from a single unbroken thread – which is a pretty unusual feature…

    Adidas Primeknit by Future Deluxe for dotmogo 01

    Andrew Jones from Future Deluxe told me a bit more about how they created the look:  “well, we did all the light tests in CG first and then went out and shot it again on digital film.  We could have created everything in CG for the finished job, but we wanted to use techniques where subtle imperfections can creep in, to give it a bit more of a human quality  The funny thing was that we got to a point where the client couldn’t tell the difference between the two!

    Here’s the other one – Adidas X Primeknit.

    Other Adidas projects coming up are things like the first laceless football boot  and the first 3D printed shoes…

    Additionally Future Deluxe have been invited to create an art exhibition of their work called Hyper Hyper which will start soon.
    Ace Primeknit and X Primeknit credits: Designed, directed & produced by FutureDeluxe, Creative Direction – Andrew Jones, Design – Alexa Sirbu, Nidia Dias, Gabor Ekes, CG & Animation – Alexa Sirbu, Nidia Dias & Gabor Ekes, Post Production & Edit – Elias Freiberger, Alexa Sirbu & Nidia Dias, Live Action Direction – James Callahan, DOP – Jon Nicol, Assistant DOP – Elias Freiberger, Producer – Caleigh Illerbrun, Sound Design – Resonate

    Adidas Primeknit by Future Deluxe for dotmogo 02

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