Francois Cassin – The Future Of Branding Part 2

June 2, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

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    In my previous article on The Future Of TV Branding I mentioned how experimental the first Dr Who title sequence was, with the howlround effect.  As a continuation on the theme of innovation – I wanted to draw your attention to another piece of inspiration from the Dr Who camp – this fan-generated title sequence.  OK, he happens to be a talented motion designer, but the fact that he made it on his own and posted it online, marks a certain kind of interactivity with that brand.

    Upon seeing this, Steven Moffat decided to incorporate it to the new series of the show. What better way of demonstrating the notion of user generated TV branding and introducing the idea of brand interactivity?

    It’s been 10 years since we first saw the first user-generated E-Stings on our screens.  Really fresh, mostly rough and very much ‘home made’ idents. I’m amazed at how visionary this type of branding was –  asking your viewers to do your branding themselves!

    ‘E Stings’ has been running since 2005 and supports Channel 4’s continued commitment to nurture and develop new talent in exciting and innovative ways.

    Nowadays, it’s a lot more normal to get the consumers heavily involved in the day to day life of brands. How can this level of interactivity be embraced by branding to make more sense and actually enhance the brand values even further than just creating a Facebook page?

    A staggeringly good example of that this was dreamt up by Wieden & Kennedy for the Honda Civic Type R 

    The short film, called “The Other Side,” was born out of a very simple idea, that the car had 2 faces, 2 potential customers and with the help of a clever pun on Type R, the whole ad takes a whole new dimension. By hitting the R key of their keyboards viewers can actually change the narrative and the actual ad revealing new depths of storytelling associated with a very well known brand.

    Seemingly, music videos are undergoing a similar transmutation. Check out Pharrell Williams 24hours of Happy.  With enough footage viewable for a full 24hrs, the song repeats again and again with many different people contributing their own visual interpretation of the song.  Go on, have a play by clicking on the picture!

    24 hours of Happy by Pharell Williams for dotmogoChannel 4, with the ‘Twist Our words”campaign fully embraced the potential of converged media. Viewers could join the fun on a website and create some surreal idents, the best being broadcasted on air. It showed how well the two mediums can work together and deliver great marketing messages. The campaign is no longer online unfortunately but here are some that survived:

    So, we have seen most media embracing interactivity in various forms, most of them highly innovative and challenging at the same time. How can TV branding reinvent itself to feel the same depths of interactivity and involvement from its viewers?  If anyone has any examples from around the world in this vein – I would love to see them…

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