Six Fingers – Race For The Whitehouse Titles

April 5, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    Here’s a topical piece of animation – a title sequence for a documentary series that follows the US elections  by Dave Penn (AKA Six Fingers) called “Race For The Whitehouse”. Even better – it narrated by Frank Underwood himself – Kevin Spacey.

    I think what makes this interesting is that apart form the visual trickery and rotation of horizons, is that the tone is more like a murder thriller than a political doc – and I’m sure the music helps this as well.

    Dave Penn told me “Jellyfish’s creative director Tom Brass and I reached the decision of a the high-contrast monochromatic approach very quickly, and I went away and worked up something that I felt would not be at odds with any of the eras documented in the series – for example I thought using inky imperfection could evoke early print and later, photocopy. Despite likely first impressions there is an awful lot of 3D work in there; I wanted to make sure that there was still a sense of depth, even if very subtle. The whole project was done with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

    The series scrutinises some of the most charged presidential campaigns in American history. They wanted a sequence that would establish some of the themes of the show (self-interest, dirty tricks).

    Race For The Whitehouse Six fingers for dotmogo

    Luckily the production company were in-tune with us from the beginning and very excited by the boards we presented, and so very little altered in the design between original pitch and final delivery.  I was very pleased with how the design came together, and how quickly. ”

    Credits:Art direction, concept, design, modelling, and animation: David Penn
    Music: Anne Nikitin Title Production company: Jellyfish, Program Production Company:Raw TV

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