Emanuele Kabu – “Battle Lines” by The Helio Sequence Music Video

August 11, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

Another visually mind boggling music video from Emanuele Kabu this week – “Battle Lines”
by The Helio Sequence.  You May remember that we featured another amazing animated video by him for The Helio Sequence called Upward Mobility in May. The one thing I really like about a lot of the music videos we feature on dotmogo is that they do not have big budgets but the level of creativity is so high – really squeezing as much visual stimulation as they can from the resources they have. ( I have no idea what the budget for this one is – but hopefully you know what I mean…)Emanuele Kabu Helio Sequence for dotmogo
This is an amalgam of a gloriously off-kilter colourised performance video and some very graphic graphics.  It also helps that I really like the song of course – sounds like a more dreamy version of LCD Soundsystem (to me)

I’m so happy that these kinds of films are on the internet – as testing grounds for all sorts of ideas – what do you guys think…?

Credits: Record Label: Sub Pop Records, edited, filmed, coloured: Robin Washburn, 
animation: Emanuele Kabu, lighting: Pavlina Summers, Special thanks to Cinco

Emanuele Kabu Helio Sequence for dotmogo2

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