Dust – New Sci-Fi Shorts Channel

October 4, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

I’ve spent spent a very pleasurable hour or more looking through this new YouTube channel called Dust – it’s a multi­-platform destination for science fiction creators, innovators and fans. If, like me, you can’t get enough of crazy Sci-fi ideas – these bite-sized portions mean you can now binge out on your phone or whatever.

What’s most amazing apart from the ideas is the sheer quality of motion FX going on here.  The stories could do with a bit of polishing sometimes but by God they look good.  Take this film – Planet Unknown (above), it’s got a bit of a Wall-E vibe to the story, but to think that it was made by a Chinese student, Shawn Wang, who bashed it out on his own in  just 11 months!

They’ve already uploaded 14  sci-­fi shorts from the most talented emerging filmmakers and will have new releases every week including exclusive premieres  You can check out the channel at Watch Dust  or go to the Dust website

dotmogo-blog-dust-channel-02Dust, along with the help of science fiction film and television producer, Steve Tzirlin (formerly from Lucasfilm), has curated over 100 of the best sci­-fi shorts that will be available across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and their website.

They are also planning to debut monthly exclusive premieres, produce original programming and provide a behind­-the-­scenes look at never­-before-­seen content – it will be exciting to see if they can be responsible for the next Lucas, Nolan, Cameron or Spielberg’s in the process…

Let me know which ones you like best…


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