See No Evil April With Doug Hindson & Red Knuckles

March 31, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

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See No Evil’s April edition sees a couple of cracking animators with very different styles each giving a talk.  First up Red Knuckles (Mario Ucci and Rick Thiele) who animated this wickedly good short film called Dark Noir –  co-created by Rafael Grampá, Absolut and Facebook fans worldwide.  Intriguingly, during a live interactive three-week period, on Facebook/Absolut, Grampá encouraged consumers to take part and influence the action and storyline as he wrote it. To help him transform his 2D characters and script into 3D, Grampá teamed up with Red Knuckles animation studio.  This collaboration premiered at MADE in Berlin.

Dark Noir for dotmogo[vimeo w=573&h=322]

Secondly the equally talented Doug Hindson is giving a talk.  He has been making waves with his short called Disconnect which is a semi-satirical coming of age story told by handmade wooden puppets about our always-on world of social media.

“As a reaction to the digital world,  all the models and sets were hand-made from wood and card, hundreds of individual pieces were designed, cut, sanded, glued and painted. Rather than stop-motion, the film was shot live-action with strings and rods controlling the puppets and everything was captured in-camera.”

So, plenty to look at and talk about at See No Evil, and well worth visiting both of their websites to see more.  There will be a live mix session from DJ D.Vyzor.  April 7th at Cafe 1001 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL.  Doors Open 7.00pm, Talk Starts 7.30pm.

As usual it’s FREE and there are great prizes to win courtesy of Stash Magazine.

Dark Noir Credits: Written and Directed by Rafael Grampá, Animation Studio: Red Knuckles, Director of Photography: Red Knuckles, Red Knuckles Creative Directors: Mario Ucci and Rick Thiele, Producer: Monica Domanska, Original story and characters created and designed by Rafael Grampá, Lead Animator: Lucas Vigroux, 3D Animators: Giovanni Braggio, Scott Beharrell Bono, Chris Whyte, Magali Barbe, Florian Mounié and Martyn Smith, 2D Animators: Adrien Gromelle, Stephen Vuillemin, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Alice Bissonnet, Duncan Gist and Giovanni Braggio, Technical Director: Maïckel Pasta, Lighting TD: Patrick Krafft, Environment Modelling: Florent Rousseau, Mattepaintings: Manuel Dischinger, Ian McQue, One Pixel Brush,

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