Dan Turner – How Do we Monitor The Weather From Space? Film

June 9, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    Ace animator Dan Turner has just sent in this amusing piece of infotainment. “How do we monitor the weather from space?”  is an educational short for the Eumetsat Learning zone.  It’s aimed at inspiring younger people to get into meteorology – and what with all the weird weather the globe is going through, we definitely need some young minds to keep an eye on it all.I spoke to Dan about his production and he told me: “the brief from the client was all about demystifying the information around modern weather prediction and encouraging young people to take a job that can really make a difference.  There was a lot of information to fit in and it all had to be checked by their engineers before it was put in the script.  So we had to work hard to make it accessible to just about any one”

    Weather From Space Dan Turner for dotmogo EumetsatUnusually Dan not only directed and animated it, but also composed all the sound and music as well.  He told me that “ I really liked not having to explain the mood and how to segue from one scene to another – it made the production process much quicker!”

    “There were some other pieces of software that I used for this project which really helped – I created the story boards using Mischief (made by The Foundry) and used Krita to make the backgrounds. Krita is an open source program a bit like Photoshop – which has some advanced functionality and can process a lot quicker than it’s Adobe rival.  Having said that I still used some Photoshop for a few things that wern’t available in Krita.  I also used Toon Boom’s Harmony – which taken over from Flash for me and works really well for this sort of animation.”  We also had a general conversation about different hardware platform ( Mac vs PC) and buying legit software.  We both agreed that if you were making a living from a piece of software it’s really worth using a legal copy which allows updates and support – as inevitably when something goes wrong it will be at some time-critical time like delivery on a job, so you will need all the help you can get!

    I was suitably infotained by the whole experience, although the visual style and the music felt like it was made a few decades before – I have yet to find a live teenager to play it to to see how they engage with it.  If anyone else wants to perform this experiment – let me know…

    Dan is also known for his 10 min animation for Tim Minchin called Storm which I wanted to chuck in here as well.  It’s  a story about Minchin going to a dinner party and locking horns with an over opinionated neo hippy called Storm…

    We look forward to his next adventure which is a new animation project which is being supported by The  Foundry…


    Credits: Client – Eumetstat, Director, animation and music composition – Dan Turner, writer and producer by Tracy King.

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