Charlie Mawer & Andy Bryant – TV Brand Builders Book

April 19, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    Last week I did something pretty unusual – I was invited to a book launch about TV Branding.  As many of you will know who have tried to read up on it – there is a paucity of material on all matters television marketing – and what there is often quite stuffy and academic.  This is why I recomend Charlie Mawer and Andy Bryant’s (of RedBee fame) book TV Brand Builders.

    As you would expect from a couple of veterans of the TV marketing game – it’s full of a range of examples from major TV brands around the world which expertly illustrate the marketing, advertising and design approaches that work best.   Coupled with their own experiences they have amassed an incredible 50 interviews with leading practitioners in TV marketing globally (which must have taken some setting up!).  With that in mind you really get an insider perspective on the challenges and opportunities of marketing television programs, channels and networks.

    Although the book, by it’s nature, dosn’t have any hyperlinks, Charlie Mawer was kind enough to point me in the direction of some of the examples they used in their recent Promax talk.  The top video references the amazing work done by the FX Network marketing team in the US – in this case a promo for a season of “Every Simpsons Ever”  the idea being that you don’t have to see the whole character to know what the promo is about.

    TV Brand Builders for dotmogo

    The second clip references the work of RedBee Creative in rebranding the Dave channel as the plucky antihero, and how a channel positioning does not necessarily have to be “heroic” to be successful.  Thirdly (below) is a compilation of spots taken from ESPN’s 20 year long campaign called “This is Sports Centre” – the idea being that they use many hugely famous sports stars behind the scenes in mundane roles at the channel.  Even if you don’t know the celebrities – they are pretty funny and you can see how cleverly scripted they are.

    Broadly speaking the book is broken into three parts – Firstly a look in to the context of the book – TV marketing.  Secondly how TV brands are built based on the 50 interviews looking at global best practice including channels like Channel 4, Sky, Universal, Dave,Vice, FX Channel and ESPN from the US. Also a look at marketing of specific genres e.g. drama or sport.  Part three looks into the future and how streaming and on demand services are changing branding and marketing as we know it.  This is all relayed in easy everyday language with loads of uptodate examples – what’s not to like? you can get a copy of TV Brand Builders here.

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