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Bert Animation for dotmogo

Bert Animation – Centenary Of The Russian Revolution

As part of our dotmogo series of posts we have a video in a style you don’t often see nowadays – that of the great era of early 20th century […]

March 20, 2017

Spotify’s Branded Moments

In the past few years Spotify have really consolidated their position in the music streaming world.  The stats back this up: “We now have over 100 million users spending […]

February 21, 2017

dotmogo has moved…

After over eight years of writing separate blog content for dotmogo and our Make This Noise blog we have decided to amalgamate the two and put everything in one place. […]

December 11, 2016
Sticky Post

PROMAX UK 2016 Review- The New Normal

So, slightly delayed, due to our blog being hacked twice in the last month, is a quick recap of this year’s PROMAX UK 2016 conference.  It was so far, […]

December 6, 2016

Put down the Karaoke mic and grab the MI Guitar

The guys at Magic Instruments based in San Francisco are all about making musical instruments more accessible and easier for people to learn. The Start-Up has therefore created the MI Guitar, […]

October 13, 2016

Experiential Marketing: Consumer turns into Advertiser

Advertising is a tough world, you can’t always afford to stick to plan A nor accept that one strategy will always be effective. Advertising needs to constantly evolve just as […]

September 22, 2016

The Marble Music Machine – a music making invention

Ingredients : 2000 Marbles 3000 parts A handful of funnels and tubes Pulleys, levers, gears A tree’s worth of wood An understanding of mechanics and music A lot of creativity […]

August 30, 2016

Aida’s Secrets wins Docaviv Award

We are very proud to say that our head producers Ofer Shabi and Yaniv Fridel worked alongside Alon Schwarz on the incredibly moving documentary Aida’s Secrets. A documentary that was […]

August 9, 2016

Cymatics – a cool way to visualise sound

What are Cymatics ? – in a nutshell it’s the visual representation of sound through the creation of geometric patterns. As some of you might know, sounds have certain audio frequencies. […]

July 14, 2016

Jam Session with Dodie Clark and Jack Howard

We recently met YouTubers Dodie Clark and Jack Howard here at Soho Sonic for one of Dodie’s regular episodes for Coke TV Moments, part of the recently launched Coke TV channel. […]

June 7, 2016
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