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Dust – New Sci-Fi Shorts Channel

I’ve spent spent a very pleasurable hour or more looking through this new YouTube channel called Dust – it’s a multi­-platform destination for science fiction creators, innovators and fans. If, […]

October 4, 2016

Found Studio – Mondegreen Experimental Animation

As any good studio knows it’s really essential to put out some of your own self initiated projects so you can have a play with new technologies before doing something […]

August 23, 2016

Cyriak – 7 Billion – Rabbit Animation

Who doesn’t need cheering up on our briefly sun drenched chalky shores…?  Personally I’ve had a gutful of politics and I wouldn’t mind seeing some cute bunnies.., what?  about seven […]

July 20, 2016

BassAwards Winners 2016

The judging is over for another year and the BassAwards, have announced their winners.  This International Awards for Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design is now in it’s fourth year […]

July 13, 2016

Future Deluxe – Freiberger & X&XYZ – “Bananas” film

Who dosn’t like a banana? (we’ll my brother can’t stand them, but apart from him…)  There is something culturally and comedically resonant about this humble tropical fruit.  Elias Freiberger, X&XYZ […]

June 28, 2016

Found Studio – Digital Transformations Film For Fujitsu

Projection mapping has been around for  quite a while now – we’ve all seen the outdoor shows where a building appears to fall apart and then re-assemble.  Found Studio have […]

June 8, 2016

Marco Bagni – Warping A Blue Dot Animation

https://vimeo.com/157125742 This week we’ve gone kinda cosmic…Warping A Blue Dot is an experimental animation that explores the interaction between us, the planet we live in, and the basic structure of […]

May 17, 2016

BassAwards – Earlybird Fees Ending Soon

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the Early bird prices for submitting to the BassAwards are about to run out on 3rd May. As you can see […]

April 26, 2016

Google ATAP & The Mill – Help 360º VR Film

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=53&v=byFT0CYpLmo So, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s no surprise that one of the big topics at the South By South West (SXSW) festival recently was Virtual Reality […]

March 23, 2016

Found – “Black Badge” Rolls Royce Films

https://vimeo.com/157427228 Just when you expect everything to be CGI-ed to hell, a project comes along to confound your expectations where all the special effects are created live and in-camera….

March 15, 2016
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