Found – “Black Badge” Rolls Royce Films

March 15, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    Just when you expect everything to be CGI-ed to hell, a project comes along to confound your expectations where all the special effects are created live and in-camera….

    London creatives Found  – have just completed an intriguing set of films for Rolls Royce through Imagination.  RR were launching the new ‘Black Badge’ range at the Geneva Motor Show.  Even more intriguingly they were aimed at a “younger generation of buyers” (there’s probably a whole socialogical study right there….).

    These versions of  the ‘Ghost’ and ‘Wraith’ models are bespoke upgrades and promoting their ‘darker’ alter ego.  In a bold step for Rolls-Royce, the iconic ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ statuette is available in black for the first time.
    Found studio Rolls Royce for dotmogo 01
    I spoke to Mike Sharpe, creative director at Found–  about how they managed to create this moody look.  “We started of with a couple of weeks of experimentation with really strong magnets and something called ferrofluid”, (I discovered later, fact fans, that this is another NASA invention created so they could make fuel flow upwards in zero gravity by applying a magnetic field…)

    Mike continued  “once we had some interesting visual effects we went into a studio and shot with various macro lenses.   We did toy with the idea of CGi at first, however it was clear that the budget and timings were steering us towards an in-camera solution.”

    The whole project was only played once for the launch event – hence the countdown as well and was produced inside 3 weeks.  I reckon it was a top creative solution given the constraints of the project.

    Credits – Agency: Imagination, Producer: Phil Allen, Creative Director: Cath Elliott, Production Co: Found, Director: Marcus Moresby, Producer: Ian Walker, DOP: Greg Taylor, Technical Director: Sebastian Hagemeister, Editor – Alexander Robins

    In case you’re wondering what a young person’s Roll Royce looks like….

    Found studio Rolls Royce for dotmogo 03


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