Beakus – Ping Online Animations For Triumph

September 18, 2014
by Tim Rabjohns

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    We were recently charmed by this set of six 90-second online viral animations for underwear brand Triumph,  from animation powerhouse Beakus.  Working with Across The Pond and Exposure. ‘Stand Up For Fit’ delivers something you don’t often see in the media – a combination of female only stand ups and animated underwear advertising.  These humorous routines based on underwear malfunctions are deftly brought to life by Ping’s hand drawn ink-line style and a dose of  train of thought surrealism.  i love the way everything is so simple and clean and nothing gets in the way of telling the story.

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    I spoke to Laura Thomas who produced the project for a few more details:  “Our team, the largest we’ve ever had for any one project at Beakus, turned these virals around in just over two week per spot – 12 weeks in all – which is quite some going.  Each of them is hand drawn by Ping straight into to Flash and Photoshop.  this meant we could keep the hand-drawn look, but still have the benefits of digital production.

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    The client was very involved with this project – with a lot of input on the outfits that the women were wearing.  The script was already written and recorded before they came to us, so we had to think of imaginative ways of bringing it to life.  They were written by real stand up comics, which is great.”

    These films have been released as Internet only content.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 09.57.41


    It’s also well worth checking out some other Ping-pieces as she has a wonderful eye for movement.  Things like her graduation film Last Breath– which is a dystopian future where even breathing is prohibited.  Vinopolis and Rookhampton Time Machine is the fun result of a workshop with children and OAPs,

    Credits:Director:Ping, Producer:Laura Thomas,  Agency:Across The Pond, Client:Triumph, Animation Production Co:Beakus, Editor: Tim Divall, Colouring / Compositing: Harj Bains, Animators:Chris Cray, Elroy Simmons, Eoin Clarke, Frankie Swan, Gervais Merryweather, Hannah Lau-Walker, Maki Yoshikura, Robert Milne, Sam Cundall, Setareh Erfan

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