BassAwards International Motion Design Winners 2015

June 30, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    Well, it’s that time of year again the International Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design Awards – also known as the BassAwards have just announced their winners

    As usual the quality level is high and the competition intense.  I’m pleased to say that the Best Agency of 2015 (kind of a best in show award) has gone to the UK’s very own Art&Graft, winning the gold in Best TV Channel Branding with the work “Boomerang Global Rebrand”, (which dotmogo has already done a full post about) as well as two Bronzes in the Best Experimental category with “Idn Intro” and “The Walk”.

    I caught up with Paula Williams from Wonder – who was one of this year’s judges.  She said “it was a really interesting process as I had to do all the judging in complete isolation, and with no idea of budget or how long they had to complete the work.  Some judging panels I’ve been on we do it in groups.  I found that a lot of time I was using my gut instinct and my experience – and I’m pleased to say that lots of the pieces I voted for were Gold winners!”

    As for the list of other 2015 Gold winners – look no further

    BEST COMMERCIAL– FRAME with “Mobil1 & Porsche”. Denmark

    they have managed to fuse a raging CG bull, a sexy black Porsche and some motor oil for a full on VFX blast.

    BEST EXPERIMENTAL–    NEON with “Lost & Found”. United Kingdom

    Woolmark asked them to make a short film describing the different stages in the wool production process, from the fleece to the finished garment. Their ide was to show it from the wool’s point of view. As the rest of the fleece is industrially processed, we follow its adventures – and its transformation.

    BEST EXPLANATORY VIDEO– PLUSONE with “Be Sexy, Be Smart”. Netherlands

    Soa Aids Nederland asked them to help raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections and HIV among people living in the Netherlands from sub-Saharan Africa, Suriname, the Dutch Antilles and Aruba. Recent research has shown these groups to be at greater risk of infection due to cultural factors,

    Mostly inspired by African art they crafted expressive hand-drawn graphics and fluent transitions to impart a personal touch and create a powerful visual language, which is easy to relate to for the target audience.

    BEST SHOWREEL– HOMEBOY with “Reel”. Mexico

    Homeboy reel for BassAwards and dotmogoBEST TV CHANNEL BRANDING– ART &GRAFT with “Boomerang”. United Kingdom

    see above or check out our full Boomerang branding story on this from earlier in the year.

    BEST TV PROGRAMME BRANDING– DREAM ON with “Avis de Sorties”. France

    Avis de Sortie is a weekly France 5 show which features trailers for all new theatrical releases of the week. Dream On decided to tie each genre to an iconic element (cowboy’s hat, butcher knife…) that identifies it visually.  The use of neon lights links cinema to the idea of a popular art form.

    BEST TV TITLES– FILMOGRAPH with “Deliver Us From Evil”. USA

    Working with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Sony Screen Gems and director Scott Derrickson, they designed and directed a live action main title sequence for this film about an NYPD officer’s search for the Jungler, a maniacal, demonic presence that takes over one’s body, unleashing the animal in man.

    There is still lots of really good work in the Silver and Bronze categories – so I urge you to check that out on the BassAwards website as well.

    The Bassaward physical trophies are only given to the Gold winners.  This year there have been submissions from more than 20 countries around the world.

    The 4th year of BassAwards will start in January 2016 and they are hoping to become one of the main global awards for this kind of work.  You can go to the BassAwards website for more info  about all the winners visit

    Sorry I havn’t got all the credits for all the pieces – I have put everything I can find!

    Avis de Sorties Credits:
    Creative Director: Anthony Sebaoun Producer: Juliette Clerc Executive Producer: Raphaelle Collette Artistic Director: Gabrielle Mimram Music: Hit’n’Run

    Be Sexy, Be Smart credits

    Designed, directed and produced by PlusOne, client: Soa Aids Nederland, Creative Director: Martijn Hogenkamp
    Producer: Marcel Vrieswijk, Design and animation: Christiaan Vlok, Cas Prins, Guido van Gemerden, Ola Tandstad, Rob Wienk, Jeroen Peter, Martijn Hogenkamp, Marcel Vrieswijk, Geert Jansen, Copy: Miriam Young, Jessica Lehrer
    Music and Sound Design: ParkStudio, Client: Wim Zuilhof, Rieneke de Man, Eva Meddens, Special thanks to: Van Kruijssen Casting, InterVoiceOver, Raymi Sambo, Farida van den Stoom

    Deliver Us From Evil Credits
    Film Director: Scott Derrickson Creative Director: Aaron Becker Executive Producer: Seth Kleinberg Additional Design: Matt Darnall / Bob Shaw

    Boomerang Rebrand Credits:

    Credits:Concept, Design & Direction by Art&Graft, Creative Directors: Mike Moloney (Art&Graft), Michael Ouweleen (Cartoon Network), Jacob Escobedo (Cartoon Networ, Lead Creative: William Mercer (Art&Graft) Producers: Beth McQueen (Art&Graft), Susan Shipsky (Cartoon Network), Lead Designers / Art&Graft Animators: Martin Salfity, Clement Bolla, Stephen Middleton, Jim Wheeler, Animators working as part of the in-house team at Art&Graft: Martin Aggerholm, Jason Drew, Carlos de Faria, James Hatley, Jamie Hoy, Sebastian Livingston, Sam Munnings, Marco Savignano, Joseph Winston, Music & Sound Design: Bluetube

    Lost & Found Credits

    Client: Woolmark, Music & sound design: Box of Toys, Script, production & VFX: Neon

    Mobil1&Porsche Credits
    Company: Director: Anders Schroder Agency: Dittborn & Unzueta Production Company: Fabula Chile Executive Producer: Thomas Bay Design: Santiago Zoraidez Edit & Grading: Anders Schroder Animation: Jacob Linnemann Animation: Franz Ferdinand Kubin Animation: Tom Crate Character Animation: Feanor Engemann Character Animation: Tom Crate Character Animation: Lars Hummelshøj Rigger: Sasha Ciolac Rigger: Rasmus Bælum VFX Supervisor: Esben Syberg Ass. Supervisor: Ivan Kondrup Jensen Modeller: Mats Andersson Modeller: Tobias Danbo Modeller: Mikael Aktan FX Artist: Anders Heilemann Mattepaint: Mikael Widegren Render Artist: Mats Andersson Render Artist: Anton Svensson Render Artist: Per Sundin Render Artist: Dan Andersen Compositor: Felix Turesson Compositor: Jonathan Harris Compositor: Michael Theander Post Producer: Louise Bejerholm Ass. Producer: Emil Holm VFX Producer: Rikke Gjerløv Hansen

    Reel by Homeboy Credits:
    Audio C2C: The beat Sound design Polostudios Direction:  Homeboy

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