Art&Graft – Boomerang TV Idents & Rebrand

March 4, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

Art&Graft have been busy recently  – giving a new facelift to Turner’s Boomerang cartoon channel.  With it’s eye-popping colours, quirky hybrid of 2D and 3D animation and a liberal smattering of your favourite cartoon characters – it’s certainly grabs your attention.
I spoke to A&G’s creative director Mike Moloney to get a bit more insight on how the look and feel of this work came about: “As you would expect with a global rebrand who’s job it was to unify all the various Boomerang brandings from around the world we had to get the theory right.  Luckily we had an incredibly trusting client and a very short approval chain.
We were inspired by the CMYK colours and the blockiness of the Cartoon Network parent brand.  Once we had set on the 2D/3D world of the isometric grid we set to designing this 3D world in Cinema 4D and then layered hand drawn 2D elements over the top (created in Flash)

Art&Graft Boomerang TV idents for dotmogo 01We spent loads of development time looking at how things open and bounce  – trying to give a personality to each object.  It’s always tempting when doing children’s channels to be  really extreme with the action – but we didn’t want it to become wearing for the viewer”

The nice thing is that you can see how flexible the grid idea is and how it could evolve in so many ways in the future.  Also I really like the way the channel’s characters have a space to appear in the grid world, performing their usual antics.  Including this and the Mario-like power up buttons, I could really imagine it being made into some sort of video game for the Wii…

Mike also mentioned that “Every brand element starts and ends with the logo acting as a button into the world, so you never know where it might take you.  One of the things I’m most proud of is that this project really allows us to show off a lot of sides of the studio – our skills in print design, 3D and 2D animation as well as the online style bible which we had to deliver.”

Art&Graft Boomerang TV idents for dotmogo 02In case you didn’t know (for those with no satellite or children of your own) Boomerang is Turner’s classic cartoon channel. which launched in 2000.
This iteration of the branding launched in Latin America on 29th Sept 2014, followed by Australia on the 3rd Nov 2014, and has continued to be rolled out across the USA, EMEA and APAC Networks throughout early 2015.

Credits:Concept, Design & Direction by Art&Graft, Creative Directors: Mike Moloney (Art&Graft), Michael Ouweleen (Cartoon Network), Jacob Escobedo (Cartoon Networ, Lead Creative: William Mercer (Art&Graft) Producers: Beth McQueen (Art&Graft), Susan Shipsky (Cartoon Network), Lead Designers / Art&Graft Animators: Martin Salfity, Clement Bolla, Stephen Middleton, Jim Wheeler, Animators working as part of the in-house team at Art&Graft: Martin Aggerholm, Jason Drew, Carlos de Faria, James Hatley, Jamie Hoy, Sebastian Livingston, Sam Munnings, Marco Savignano, Joseph Winston, Music & Sound Design: Bluetube

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