Carl Productions – Artefact’s Animated Music Video

June 16, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    As you mostly know – dotmogo only posts work with some sort of UK involvement – and this new music video for “What I Want” by Sydney band Artefact – is no different…it amassed over 100,000 online views in the first week of release.

    Working with a team of award winning team and animators from Italy, the UK, the US and Moldova, Denmark, Algeria, Ukraine, Venezuela & Australia Carl Productions co- created a story of a lost and lonely alien (with a head that looks suspiciously like planet Earth) desperately trying to find a way to make his home planet come alive after some unspecified tragedy – with timely lyrics from the song warning about wanting more than you can have…

    The team of worldwide animators have an impressive list of credits including Avengers 2, Arrow, Transformers, Benjamin Button and Pirates of the Caribbean between them.
    What I really like the way they have created a whole world for the lonely alien – a real visual style for the space station that he lives in.  What I also like is the way this ecological parable is gently told, as a sub plot to the main character’s homecoming.

    Carl Productions Artefact What I Want for dotmogoDescribed in the Sydney Morning Herald as a ‘magic carpet of sound’, Artefact’s debut live gig will see six multi-instrumentalists switch between electronics, keyboards, bass, piano, guitar and a wide range of percussion instruments while performing the record’s huge vocal arrangements live.

    For the live show they are also set to incorporate custom designed digital projection mapping which will not only synchronise with the unique dramatic shifts of the music but also utilise the distinctive architectural and historical features of the venue.

    Credits: Client: Artefact, Directed by Anna Constantinova, Original story by Jim Flanagan,
    Animation Director Leonardo Roma, DOP, Compositing & Editing: Anna Constantinova,
    Production Designer: Leonardo Roma, Lighter: Render Wrangler, Main Character Modeler: Bo Mathorne, CG Modelers:Leonardo Roma, Anna Constantinova, Clinton Crumpler, Alexey Olegovich, Paul McMahon, Animators: Leonardo Roma, Carem Stephanie Orta, Danny James Patterson, Riggers: Allan Loenskov, Selmane Rouini,
    Leonardo Roma, Illustrators: Nicolai Eremeico, Toma Krivchenko, Texture Designers:
    Anna Constantinova, Leonardo Roma, Executive Producer: Jim Flanagan

    Carl Productions Artefact What I Want for dotmogo 02

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