Mr & Mrs – Animated Music Video For Milán

February 24, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

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    “Sometimes you need to let go of who you are in order to move forward” – this was the thinking behind this wonderfully quirky music video hand drawn and animated by Mr & Mrs director/animator Nina Pfeifenberger.  With this Moomin-like character that sometimes has a big hole in her stomach we are sent on a journey in a parallel universe of self discovery.

    I love projects like this where the imagination has so obviously been allowed to wander –  I spoke to Nina about the process and she told me “ for me, the magic happens when you are allowed to go to your most private honest place where you are able to express freely who you really are…  I started this project by talking in depth with the artist, Maria Neckam (AKA Milán) who is based in New York.  She is a very positive person, even when going through tough times personally.

    Mr & Mrs Milan 25 animation for dotmogoWe saw there was turning point in her life, where she had had to start certain things again. This got me thinking as to how to express this.  We tried to match the subtle and fragile tones of the song as close as possible and  created magical hand drawn 2.5D  worlds in which our main character goes on her self exploratory adventure.

    The hole in the stomach represents the doorway that allows you to journey into yourself – in this case a parallel universe which represents the changes in your life and shows the process of letting go.  We wanted to show that sometimes letting go of old habits can almost feel as painful as leaving a piece of you behind.

    The animation was created in After Effects with most of the backgrounds being hand drawn and scanned in.”

    I think what is great about this piece, is that apart from the whimsy, Nina has managed to create her own distinct world, which doesn’t feel like a re-hash of something else, and although the symbolism can be quite dense at times,  it’s always satisfying to leave room for viewer interpretation – what do you think..?

    Credits: Design, animation and direction – Nina Pfeifenberger, Production company Mr & Mrs, client: Milan

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