Animade – frankenSim Game

September 22, 2015
by Tim Rabjohns

    Animade’s frankenSim is a great example of where interactivity and animation come together.  They say “The theme of this web-toy is a grotesque, pink-hued dissection of the human body, with interconnecting pop-up windows containing organs to manipulate. Rolling eyeballs, blonde locks riddled with lice and a hairy nostril are among the malleable body bits in this virtual laboratory, with more absurd twists and surprises emerging as you continue to explore…”

    We say it’s quite bonkers and a lot of fun!  I especially love the old skool styling of the windows to look like Mac OS 1990 – which is a nice touch.  You can play frankenSim here

    FrankenSim by Animade for dotmogo

    This was a self initiated studio project and is a development of Animade’s Lido Sim animation, designed and directed by Milo Targett.  It expands on the idea of a user ‘playing god’ and puts the player in control.

    As far as the origin of this game/sim, Ed Barret, of of the founders, had this to say: “In part it’s musing on how Dr Frankenstein might have experimented with modern web tools. The strapline ‘Tools for the Postmodern Prometheus’ is in fact a reference to the alternative name for Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein story: The Modern Prometheus.”

    It was built using React and Flux with a touch of Paper.js and SVG images to keep a consistently sharp appearance, It is devised to work on most devices and is incredibly fast.

    Remember this next time you’re waiting around at a rainy bus stop and fancy a bit of virtual hair-delousing.

    Credits: Concept, design, animation & build: Animade

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