Adam Buxton – David Bowie Animation

January 26, 2016
by Tim Rabjohns

    You may or may not know that Adam Buxton has a real obsession with David Bowie – so much so that he even appears on Celebrity Mastermind with a specialist subject of “Bowie in the 1970’s”  Coupled with his beautifully understated Bowie impersonation and the amazing animation skills of the McLeod Brothers – you get one of the funniest imaginary sketches in the life of David Bowie, I’ve ever seen.

    Called “David Bowie, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti Record Warszawa” – it captures the moment that Bowie comes back from Paris to Berlin in order to contribute the vocals to this iconic song.  If any of you think that you know how Joe Dolce will feature in this story – you are a liar!  A brilliant bit of leftfield comedy and a fitting tribute to Dame David’s famous sense of humour.

    Many Bowie tributes have poured out of the woodwork in the last few weeks, but I wanted to wait to see what was the strongest before posting anything.  My patience was rewarded when I came accross Dave.  This is both an hour long mix of his music by Too Many DJs and an hour long visual homage to the ultimate creative chameleon.

    I was really struck by the visual similarity of the beautiful Hannelore Knuts to the younger Bowie and her intensity in the role.  This amazing fever dream includes recreating most of his iconic album covers, original songs, cover versions, his backing vocals for others, production work or reworks they made – It’s even been shot in a square format to emulate the dimensions of a 12″ vinyl album sleeve – it’s so comprehensive its amazing!  Hats off to Wim Reygaert for putting this labour of love together.

    “David Bowie, Brian Eno and Tony Visconti Record Warszawa” Credits:

    Written and voiced by Adam Buxton, animation by McLeod Brothers

    Dave credits: Director: Wim Reygaert, A Radio Soulwax Project A Caviar Production, Featuring Hannelore Knuts, Screenplay By Wim Reygaert & Stefan Bracke, Executive Producers Kato Maes & Ruben Goots, Executive Producer Radio Soulwax Glyn Peppiatt, Producers Geert De Wachter Tom De Pelseneer Eva Van Riet, Director Of Photography Maximiliaan Dierickx, Production Designer Stefan Bracke, Editor Koen Timmerman, Costume Designer Valerie Hellebaut, Post Production Supervisor Corentin De Saedeleer, Head Of Post Production – Peter Deuss, Post Production Coordinator – Katrien Van Den Brande, Assistant Editor – Ward Geerts, Colorist – Maximiliaan Dierickx, Digital Compositors – Dominique Fiore, 3d Operator – Florian Caseau, Graphic Designers – Lore Laporte, Axelle Zwartjes, Graphics Radio Soulwax – Fergadelic, Post-Production – Caviar Post


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